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Frequently asked questions

What return on investment can we expect?

We cut down admin time, customer support and transaction costs. We make sure you're billing everything you should be, and provide an industry-leading app to patients.

How is wawa priced?

We have different packages depending on your clinics size, and needs. There is a fee per cycle, and/or a transaction fee.

How do we get started with wawa fertility?

Book a meeting with us, and we'll get started with your onboarding process the same day. We've rolled out many clinics and can make it a smooth experience.

How long does it take to implement?

It depends on your current platform and setup. You can be up and running with features like Chat, Consents and Payments in days. Integrations into EMR systems and hardware take more time.

What resources do we need to implement wawa?

We take care of as much as we can ourselves. If we're integrating, we'll need you to provide us with the necessary access to your systems, which may require an IT resource. Depending on your size and the complexity of your business, we might recommend assigning someone to assist with defining how processes will evolve when rolling out the wawa platform.

Do you provide training?

We provide on-site, on-line and video training according to your needs and availability.

What level of support can I expect?

We're proud of our stellar support, and our customers love us for it. You'll have access to our Intercom live-support chat 24/7. You can try it out on this page, in the bottom corner. It'll say something like "usually replies in 2 minutes or less"... and we hold ourselves to that! Read our most recent support report.

I have some product feedback. Who can I talk to?

We love your feedback. Everything on our Releases → page is the direct result of discussions with people using our product. Drop us a message on Intercom in the bottom left, and we'll listen to your ideas about how we can improve and try and make it happen.

Will you help me get setup?

Yes. We'll discuss your unique needs during our onboarding discussions.

How often is the product updated?

We're always looking to improve. The product is updated frequently, and you don't need to do anything to adopt those changes - just refresh your browser! Check out our recent releases →

Where is my data hosted?

We host data in multiple regions, to accommodate your country privacy requirements.