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We have reinvented the fertility patient experience

Introducing the world's first end-to-end fertility patient management platform.

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What do we do?

Our end-to-end platform serves as a digital complement to your entire front office and patient care team so that they can focus on what they do best — serving and treating your patients.

The wawa fertility platform

Or clinic facing fertility management software provides benefits to both your clinic and care team members as well as your patients during their fertility treatment — whether it be social freezing of eggs, or multiple rounds of IVF.

Benefits for our clinic partners:

  • Added efficiency and ease into your workflows.

  • Remove administrative burden and stress.

  • Remove complexity from your tech stack with one single platform.

  • Focus on attracting and retaining patients.

  • Save costs on transactions and clinic infrastructure.

Benefits for your patients:

  • Treatment info ready at their fingertips.

  • Reduce mental load and strain.

  • 24/7, meaningful support.

  • Knowledge and empowerment.

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Collaborating with over 100 fertility experts and clinics in Europe.

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Trusted by over 10,000 patients across four countries.

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Providing satisfactory digital services with an NPS score of 80+.

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collaborating with experts
collaborating with experts
collaborating with experts
collaborating with experts

Our clinic partners!
Your clinic can join too.

How to get started with our clinic platform


Book a personalised demo

We will give you and your clinic a personalised demo of our platform, to contextualise how our solution can add value to your unique clinic.


Personalised roll-out plan

Together we will define a roll-out plan suitable for your clinic. wawa will manage the entire process of implementation and customisation for your needs.


Access training for your clinic

We will make sure that your care team members are well-trained in how to use our platform in order to optimise your time usage, and processes.

So take the first step and get in touch with us.

We are on a mission to transform fertility care

At wawa fertility we're dedicated to revolutionising the way clinics approach fertility treatment, and the way patients receive this critically important care.

Our commitment to innovation, personalised care, and optimising the use of technology helps fertility clinics empower individuals and families on their journey to parenthood, offering new hope and possibilities in the realm of fertility solutions.

We care about providing your clinic with a streamlined, and stress reduced workflow, enabling you to provide the best care and support possible to your patients.

Security and support with wawa

24/7 support

24/7 customer support

wawa provides your team with immediate support to ensure our software is best supporting your clinic's work.


GDPR & HIPAA compliant

Clinic and patient data is kept secure on wawa’s platform, giving you and your patients peace of mind.


Run your clinic reliably and securely

Our software is built and maintained by wawa fertility — not your EHR — giving you a secure and dependable connection between wawa and your office.

The difference wawa fertility has made

More than 10,000 fertility patients in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Untied Kingdom have already been supported by wawa fertility.

Take a look at what our users have to say about us:


"I'm really happy with the app. I like the good and important articles but especially the overview and knowledge about my treatment is great. It means a lot to me. It helps with everything and it feels like a safe place for me to get knowledge and information. I'm recommending it to all women."



“wawa has been a fantastic support through my IVF journey. It has been easy for us to find the information about infertility, our treatment plan as well as read about other couples and their experiences. I love the idea about a real fertility community, where I can talk to others who understand what it means to be in fertility treatment.”



"wawa app has been such an important support for me in my treatment. It's given me an overview of my treatment and made me feel calm. It's been really nice to read the many articles and choose exactly what's relevant for me."


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