Making fertility treatment a seamless and personalized experience for all

We digitalise all steps in the fertility patient journey ensuring patients can access organized, top-notch and personalized fertility treatment from their clinics - We are EHR agnostic.
Collaborating with over 100 fertility experts and clinics in Europe
Trusted by over 10,000 patients across 4 different countries
Providing satisfactory digital services with a score of NPS 80+

We are the future of fertility patient care

Build better patient experiences, more efficient clinic workflows, and access more data to improve patient outcomes during fertility treatments.  

We offer a platform and app that enables the clinics to communicate, support and improve the care they provide to fertility patients. The app and platform are fully integrated with the clinics EMR, which makes the whole fertility treatment experience easier and more bearable for everyone.
wawa fertility app for IVF treatment
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The benefits of partnering with wawa fertility

Set your clinic up for success with one single platform to streamline the entire fertility treatment journey. With us, your clinic is getting:
wawa fertility - platform til klinikker

Automated consent delivery

A time-saving and secure GDPR-compliant system which provides patients with the right consent forms at the right time, eliminating administration.
wawa fertility - platform til klinikker

Frictionless invoicing

A structured way for patients to manage one-off and recuring payments, lowering transaction costs and improving your clinics revenue collection.
wawa fertility - platform til klinikker

Optimized patient care

An automated notification system sending patients medication plus appointment reminders, personalized clinician notes and ultrasound scans.

Integrated EMR records

A one source of truth platform for your clinic to send relevant information and EMR/EHR records directly to patients, with explanations about their results.
wawa fertility - platform til klinikker

Easy onboarding

A smooth and efficient onboarding process to log your patients medical history and to educate your patients on their fertility journey.
wawa fertility - platform til klinikker

Transparent communication

A feed for communicating with your patients to book, cancel, reschedule meetings, as well as to chat and video call your patients with ease.
wawa fertility - platform til klinikker

Digitalized workflows

A Care Team dashboard with an overview of clinics tasks, to improve efficiency and task planning across multiple care teams for patients.

Informative communities

A unique library and moderated fertility community for your patients to gain the support and knowledge they need to feel comfortable during their treatments.

The difference wawa fertility has made

More than 10,000 fertility patients in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Untied Kingdom have already been supported by wawa fertility.

Take a look at what our users have to say about us:
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"I’m really happy with the app. I like the good and important articles but especially the overview and knowledge about my treatment is great. It means a lot to me. It helps with everything and it feels like a safe place for me to get knowledge and information. I’m recommending it to all women."
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"wawa app has been such an important support for me in my treatment. It’s given me an overview of my treatment and made me feel calm. It’s been really nice to read the many articles and choose exactly what’s relevant for me."
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“wawa app has given me a huge improvement in terms of overview on my treatment plan, from the early beginning and up until now. It provides me and my boyfriend with an easy way to talk about the things we have been through and what’s coming next, which ultimately makes me more calm. It's also a great app to gain knowledge when needed and it’s amazing having it all in one place.”
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“wawa has been a fantastic support through my IVF journey. It has been easy for us to find the information about infertility, our treatment plan as well as read about other couples and their experiences. I love the idea about a real fertility community, where I can talk to others who understand what it means to be in fertility treatment.”

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“I am fairly new in fertility treatment, but early on wawa was recommended to me. It's crucial for me that I know that experts are behind the screen so I can trust what I read. Besides that it has been a huge relief to read about other women and their experiences and stories in which I can see myself, and understand that I am not the only one with the frustrations, worries and the mental rollercoaster. This gives me a feeling that I can get through this as well - just like the other women did.”
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"I've only used the app for a short period of time and I am already really happy about it. When undergoing fertility treatment, 1000 questions and concerns constantly arise. In the app, I have the opportunity to meet with others in the same situation and get answers to my specific questions from experts - and keep track of me treatment. This app is absolutely invaluable in my journey."

How to get started with our clinic platform

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Book a personalised demo

We will give you and your clinic a personalised demo of our platform, so that you can see our value in the context of your clinic.
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Receive a personalized roll-out plan

Together we will define a roll-out plan most suitable for your clinic, where we will manage the entire process from project management to development, ensuring a smooth adoption.
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Access training for your clinic

We will make sure that your care team members are well-trained in how to use our platform, to optimise your time and processes.

So take the first step and get in touch with us.

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