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June Roundup

We've been busy in June! From tidying up test-results to auto-responses in the chat, we're sure you'll find something useful in June's update.

Clinic tool


  • Chat team assignments →
  • Phonecalls in calendar →
  • Updated observations →
  • Patient observations have been moved into their own section within the platform.
  • We published our first Support Performance Roundup →
  • Task improvements →
  • Updated the way videos are streamed in the platform. They’re much faster now.
  • Patient overview - Consents/Surveys panel got a revamp to show things that are outstanding.
  • Added a Created At to Patient Information.
  • Added ability to Deactivate a patient under Patient Information - marking them as duplicate or inactive with a prominent red banner and an optional remark.
  • Added a Quick Action to upload a file to a patient profile without needing to open the Files tab.
  • Added some new {{ variables for PIM and pronouns }}
  • Updated our recently released NPS in app → to support 3 links instead of 1. Thanks for the feedback!
  • Updated our Integrations page in product so it’s easier to get an overview over your integrations.
  • Added “External name” to Appointment Types, which should make it easier to keep track of what things are being synced from EMR.
  • Aligned the design of Quotes to our new Invoice interface.
  • Made it possible to override Product prices on Quotes.
  • Added internal notes on patient appointments.
  • Added default Terms for Quotes.
  • Aligned the designs across Invoices, Quotes, Utilisation index pages so they’re easier to scan and more consistent.
  • Added a page for Recurring Invoices on patients.
  • Added PIM, DOB to the patient index page.
  • Added an icon to the row of each Consent case to indicate by whom this consent case is pending.
  • Introduced a role: “Access All Patients” which allows users to see all patients, but not make any Settings adjustments.
  • Stay organised: Made it possible to cut-paste files across directories in patient Files.
  • Simpler worklow: Made it possible to download a zip file of multiple files downloaded in patient Files.
  • Automation: Completed Consent documents now automatically get added to Files/Consents as PDF files, so you don’t need to download them individually.
  • 🐞 Fixed various layout issues in Safari.
  • 🐞 Fixed a bug where accepting invites to an account when you were already a user wouldn’t link you to that account correctly.
  • 🐞 Fixed a bug where long task names wouldn’t get automatically created.
  • 🐞 Fixed a bug where we might send NPS surveys at the wrong time.
  • 🐞 Fixed a bug where sometimes user-avatars were stretched.
  • 🐞 Fixed a bug where you could end up with too many decimal places on a price in our Quote form.

App 3.15.0 → 3.17.0

  • Updated all our sheets that pop-up from the bottom to behave in the same way.
  • Added support for “Phone Call” appointments. If your phone number isn’t registered with the clinic, you’re asked to add it on the appointment.
  • Made it possible to show Treatment tab correctly when wawa is connected to a medical record system that doesn’t have the concept of a “cycle”.
  • Added a new payment method that requires patients to call to initiate a card transfer
  • 🐞 Fixed a bug where some of the payment flow wasn’t translated.
  • 🐞 Fixed a bug where some test results didn’t show the full text if they were very long.
  • 🐞 Fixed a bug where sometimes the Community would fail to load if you’d had the app open a long time.
  • 🐞 Fixed a bug where sometimes the “unread” notification dot was shown when you had no unread messages.

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