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Follicle scans


  • Follicle scans can be integrated from data in your EMR
  • You can enter them manually, too
  • They’re easily accessible from the cycle view, which is great for care team members
  • They can also be created/accessed from the lab overview, which is preferable for some lab-focused workflows

The report

Follicle scan report

  • We track the performer of the scan, and when it was conducted. If it’s manual, we default it to the current user and set the source to manual.
  • Endometrium grading can be performed with the Smith scale. Thickness is calculated as an average of measurements.
  • Entering follicles is quick and easy - press Tab to move to another measurement & we’ll calculate an average size. If you press Enter, you’ll automatically create a new one without having to press the button.

Cycle view

  • We pull the most interesting information out
  • Click the ultrasound icon to see the full details of the scan

Follicle scans

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