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Cycles, follicle scans and semen analysis

We've made significant improvements to our new Cycle view, and introduced Follicle Scans and Semen Analysis modules.


  • Updated Cycle overview replaces Treatment overview
  • New Semen Analysis module
  • New Ultrasound Follicle Scan reports

We’re iterating rapidly on this and appreciate your support and feedback as we do so. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see!

Cycle image

The new Cycle Overview page

Cycle overview

Cycles are a central part of the wawa system, and we’re laying the groundwork to continue developing that.

Our objective is that this is a screen where you can see all the relevant data at once and work around when providing care.


  • A multi-axis graph at the top of the page displays all the stimulation data, including a visualisation of the follicle sizes.
  • You can now convert a cycle without having to end it first.
  • Everything is reflected below in a table view, for when you need to see the exact values.
  • Data is pulled in from Test Results, Follicle Scans, and Semen Analysis automatically. No need to re-enter any data.
  • You can book new appointments, transfer embryos, and prescribe medicine from here.


  • Medication doses per day can be added from this view. We’ve also added the ability to quick-add medications too, which can be configured in the Settings.
  • Medications now also have a type, such as stimulation, trigger, or luteal support. By labelling the medications you upload, we present them in the correct order. When you add a trigger, we also add a trigger icon to the graph above.
  • Medications can also be changed from this view, which will update the patient app.



  • Test results that are added via the interface, or integration, are presented here.
  • They correspond to the graph at the top of the page.


Follicle Scans

  • Follicle scans can be created manually from this view, or from the Laboratory Overview page. We expect most follicle scans to be imported via an integration, so you won’t have to fill this out.
  • When you click the scan icon in each column, it’s possible to see the full details of the scan, including the size of each individual follicle and all the measurements. If there are multiple measurements, in the graph and for the lead size we’ll show the average.

Follicle scans

Semen analysis

  • Semen can be analysed manually in the system, or data can be imported via an integration.
  • Semen can be examined for Diagnostic purposes, but also prepared for Treatment and Freezing.
  • It can be linked to a cycle from both the patients profile, and the partner profile. We’ll be expanding upon this to better support Donors soon too.
  • We include all the WHO reference values, and some more information when you hover over them, for decision support.

Semen analysis Prepare for treatment

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