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New app home-screen for patients

We've overhauled the app home-screen to be more engaging, and put the most important tasks you need to complete front-and-center.

Allow me to re-introduce myself…

The new home-screen experience.


  • Cards at the top highlight the most important next step a patient needs to take. These can be Appointments, Consents, Surveys, Invoices and Quotes.
  • Blueprints remain unchanged - so patients still have a structured plan to follow.
  • A more prominent New Conversation button to contact your clinic.
  • Clearer layout of medications patients are requested to log are alongside this.
  • If a patient hasn’t joined a Community, they’ll get prompted to do so. If they have, we show recent posts.
  • We revamped the Dictionary, to show a randomised word associated with treatment.

Facilitating flows

A more engaging first-run experience

When patients first sign into the app, we wanted to ensure they’re never presented with an empty screen. Now, it’s always engaging.

Improved remote collaboration

We incorporated great feedback from a clinic: when they’re on an initial consultation call, they wanted to be able to send a Care Plan Quote and have it more prominently displayed so it can be accepted while they’re on the call. Consider it done!

Automated reminders

Patients with overdue Consents and Invoices put the commencement of their treatment at risk. We wanted to make sure that these are highlighted and easy to find.

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