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Upgraded note editor, and templates!

What’s new?

Long story short: everything is new.

Notes are a core part of a care team’s daily workflow. We have big plans for this area of the wawa product to improve the efficiency and productivity of your care team.

To serve our future goals, we invested in an entirely new note editor.


  • Rich text editing allows you to create beautiful, clean documents.
  • Rich text editing also means you can copy-paste your existing Word Documents and migrate your whole workflow to wawa.
  • Tables, with colors and nested rich-text
  • Checklists, so you can structure frequently used/standardized to-do lists such as monitoring checklists

Create and organise your templates in Settings

Everyone in the clinic gets access to these templates.

Full text editing experience

Apply templates from the Patient Notes page

Select the template to use

Embedded anywhere you can create notes

Edit and name the note here

Preview on hover

Get a quick glimpse into the note when you hover on it, anywhere Notes are visible.

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