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Calendar - day view and more!

It's much easier to get an overview of your day and your colleagues days with the improvements we've made.

The Day View

When you switch to the Day View you can see all the calendars side by side, rather than overlaid as it was before. It makes it much simpler to scout available slots, and know where to direct patients.

Day view

Calendar day view

Quality of life improvements

In all views, we have improved the ease of use:

  • Patient name is displayed more prominently on the event. On hover, you can even see their face!
  • Searching for People, Teams and Rooms all happens in the same place. This means we have fewer places to fill out information, and de-clutters the event editor.
  • Patient calendars are now visible here too. If you select a Patient, you can see their existing appointments.
  • Once appointments are in the past, we fade them out.


Less cluttered summary

Continuous improvements

We continue to receive lots of great suggestions for how to improve our Calendar and Scheduling - we’re working hard and will have more updates soon. If you have one, you know where to reach us.

We love your feedback 💬

It makes our day to hear from you - whether you think it's great, or think something could be improved.

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