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Simplified consent overview

Consents are getting more powerful -- but potentially more confusing. We made some changes to keep things simple.

What’s new?


Consents have a new look

It doesn’t just look better!


We’ve simplified the statuses so that it’s clear exactly what needs to happen to move this consent case forward.

  • Awaiting your signature - requires your action
  • Overdue
  • Pending partner
  • Cancelled
  • Waiting for assignment - requires someone to assign a care team member

Assigning care team members

If a patient has a primary care provider selected, then we automatically choose this person as the counter-signature. If they don’t, then we create a Smart Task to let you/your admin team know that this document can’t be signed until one is selected.

Signing order updates

Previously, the care team member had to sign first. We’ve changed this so that:

  • A care team member can sign whenever they want
  • Care team members only get tasks that a consent case is ready to sign after the patient has completed the document
  • The patient is prompted to sign the document before the care team member.

Reminders and Cancellations

It’s now possible to cancel a consent. It’s visible to you in the clinic tool that you sent & cancelled a consent, but the consent is deleted completely from the patients view.

It’s also possible to send reminders. It’ll send a push notification or email, depending on who is assigned.

Live updates ⚡️

This screen updates as changes happen - no need to refresh. Magic!

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