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Help other women in treatment through research

By contributing to research, you can join forces with thousands of other women helping to advance fertility treatment. Because the more we know as a community, the faster we can make discoveries that will change fertility health for you, your loved ones and millions of other women and couples around the world.
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Why are we doing this?

Since forever, the male body has been the “medical norm”. Only in 1993 did the primary federal agency for supporting medical science decide that clinical trials should be run on both men and women. This means that modern medicine is based on research almost exclusively done on male bodies, with severe implications on women’s health outcomes:

We overmedicate women

Most drugs have a 'one-size-fits-all' dosage despite obvious sex differences e.g. body fat composition. A study found that over 96% of common drugs are prescribed to women in too high doses leading to excess side effects.

Fertility treatment takes too long

Research suggests only 55% become pregnant after 8 cycles of treatment (around 12-14 months). Meanwhile the financial and emotional burden of treatment and long waiting lists also prolong treatment. This is not good enough.

The success rates in fertility treatment are too low

The highest possible success rate per treatment cycle is between 5-30%. Because of this, most women need many rounds of treatment to obtain a pregnancy. There is a direct link between time spent in treatment and issues with mental health.

Too many people are suffering from mental health issues

80% of people in fertility treatment experience issues with their mental health and 30% drop out due to this. The stress of not being able to fulfil the wish for a child has been associated with emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety and social isolation.

We enable breakthrough research in reproductive health and fertility treatment

wawa fertility collaborates with some of the world’s leading scientists to power research in fertility and fertility treatment. Any information you share is anonymized to maintain your privacy.

Over the next 30 years, more than a billion people worldwide will need help to start a family. wawa fertility partners with patients and some of the world’s leading researchers to develop breakthroughs in fertility treatment and reproductive health.

How wawa fertility works

Feel in control of your treatment journey

Use the app to record your treatments, get answers to your questions, stay on track and be in control of your fertility treatment journey.

We are matching you with relevant studies

If you want to you can actively choose to participate in studies suitable for your situation to get more answers and help advance fertility treatment.

Together we will fix the broken fertility treatment model

By examining data from many women, we help researchers spot trends to make new discoveries related to your reproductive health and optimize fertility treatment.

Join our active studies

Participate in research and clinical studies that are relevant to your situation, and take part in improving the future of reproductive healthcare. These are the studies we're currently working with.


FITMI (First In Treating Male Infertility) is a scientific research study at Rigshospitalet, researching infertility in men, looking to find a way of improving the sperm in men with low sperm quality.You have the possibility of participating in a study that can improve the chances for men and women in fertility treatment.
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