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We guide you through the preparation phase

Do you already know that you’re starting treatment in the near future?

You don’t need to already be in treatment to be able to benefit from wawa. We support you every step of the way on your journey - all the way from getting diagnosed and having a million questions before starting treatment.

On this page, you’ll find useful articles about the preparation phase.
Female fertility

Diagnostics: What is the female diagnostics process?

Regular sex - weeks, months, almost a year later, and still no positive test. It's time for a consultation with your doctor, but what does that involve?
Anna Grynnerup
4 min read
Female fertility

Dear women: Know your cycle

Most of us become aware of our fertility once a month when we get out period - or if it doesn’t come. Understand the female cycle.
Anna Grynnerup
7 min read
Fertility treatment

5 frequently asked questions from women starting in fertility treatment

When should I seek the advice of a fertility specialist? What should I think about when choosing a fertility specialist and clinic? What questions should I ask my doctor when considering IVF? Does IVF affect the long term health of babies?
wawa fertility
2 min read
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Fertility treatment can be an overwhelming experience. That’s why we do everything we can to strengthen and empower you before beginning your treatment.

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