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Meet our partners

We are proud to be collaborating with partners to strengthen our mission towards supporting women and couples suffering from infertility.

European Fertility Society

European Fertility Society is an evidence based society that provides tools, support and education to patients and fertility clinics. We are proud to partner with EFS and sponsor their annual Fertility Awards.

Patientforeningen Fertilitet & Tab

Fertilitet & Tab works to support people who are experiencing infertility by promoting research, facilitating support groups and offering information about fertility. Fertilitet & Tab has provided our community with knowledge about infertility and how to cope with it.

Foreningen RO

Foreningen RO provides free access to support groups for everyone experiencing infertility. They work to reduce stress, anxiety and other mental health issues caused by infertility. Foreningen RO has provided our community with knowledge about coping with infertility and mental health issues.

Endometriose Fællesskabet

The Endometriosis Foundation supports women with endometriosis by offering access to information, and supporting research and health care professionals with information about endometriosis. The Endometriosis Foundation has provided our community with knowledge about endometriosis and infertility.
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