We want to empower women to take control of their own fertility journey

Our mission is to improve the way that we treat infertility. We want to ensure better treatments, better success rates, and better access by accelerating research in women’s health. And every single woman who’s a part of wawa is helping with that.
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“Modern medicine is based on research almost exclusively done on male bodies, with severe implications on women’s health outcomes. Nevertheless female-specific conditions remain secondary research subjects. Nowhere is this as clear as in the field of reproductive health”

Cecilie Jakobsen, CEO & Founder of wawa fertility

What do we want to change?

The list of things you need to know and deal with when you’re a fertility patient is very long.

80% of all medical research is done on men. Meaning that we don’t have enough data and knowledge available to be able to research infertility and fertility treatment in general. We simply know too little about diagnostics, treatment and medicine within this field.

And even though progress has been made within fertility treatments over the past years, we believe that the current model for treating infertility isn't good enough. Time in treatment is too long, the costs are too high, the side effects are too many, and the success rates are too low. And we want to change that.

Closing the data gap

Fertility treatment should be accessible to more people and we need to improve the treatment itself, ensuring better success rates, less side effects, and less impact on mental health.

We want to close the data gap surrounding fertility treatment in order to create better and more successful courses of treatment for women and couples going through fertility treatment in the future.

With wawa app, the women using it are able to help create a data foundation for future research in infertility that can help bring down the disease, optimize the process, and ease the consequences of being in treatment.

What are we doing?

We want to make fertility treatment more accessible and successful for the millions of people in need. More than one billion people will need fertility treatment over the next 50 years. We’re on a mission to help them.

At wawa fertility we partner with patients and some of the world’s leading researchers to develop breakthroughs in fertility treatment and reproductive health.

By contributing to research, you can join forces with thousands of other women helping to advance fertility treatment. Because the more we know as a community, the faster we can make discoveries that will change fertility health for you, your loved ones and millions of others around the world.

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Every single woman who's a part of wawa is helping us on our mission to improve the future of fertility treatments.

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