Better journeys, happier patients

wawa fertility is pioneering support for fertility treatment to improve patient experiences.

We’ve designed our app to respond to your patients’ needs, supporting them at home in their journey and boosting well-being through evidence-based support. wawa works alongside treatment with no administrative burden on clinics.
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Our mission

Let’s work together to support your patients’ well-being

Build trust and create better results

Fertility patients are often going through a challenging time - but with wawa, you can make sure their experience is the best it can possibly be. You can simplify the treatment process, provide continuous and relevant information and minimise uncertainty. An outstanding patient experience builds trust in your clinic and improves your retention.

The digital experience that your patients expect

Fertility patients are between 20-45 years old. And research shows that 80% of that age group are on their phones for up to 6 hours a day. Patients expect your user experience to be similar to the likes of Instagram. If the experience with your clinic is not seamlessly digital, the patient may lose patience and interest - or they’ll simply pick up the phone and call instead, increasing the administrative workload.

Everything in one place

Treatment is hard enough for patients without having to spend hours extracting and decoding information on paper, or leaving voicemails and chasing responses. That’s why wawa brings together the entire, complex treatment process into a single, easy-to-use app.

With wawa, patients get an overview of medications, appointments, advice, secure messaging – all accessible in one place.

You and your staff can be pioneers – delivering unparalleled levels of support for your patients.
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Information when and where a fertility patient needs it

With wawa, your patients are armed with all the information they need, delivered via simple push notifications that are easy to digest. Information and articles can be customised specifically to your clinic so you ensure that patients recognise specific information and that you optimise the value of your clinic’s brand.

With wawa there's no more masses of printed paper and brochures. There's less confusion over treatment, meaning fewer questions to your clinic, and your patients are better informed more confident.

A platform that talks to your patients

Unlike ordinary patient portals, wawa fertility proactively talks to patients. That way, it continuously re-connects patients with your clinic without you having to spend more time on it. We provide 24/7 support and the possibility of scheduling video consultations with in-house doctors, to reduce the customer service and administrative workload on clinics.

With wawa, costly SMS reminders are replaced with unlimited push notifications from clinics.

Patients have access to video consultations can be scheduled immediately after downloading the app, and wawa nudges patients towards correct treatment adherence with intelligent reminders.

Your patients feel in control knowing they can find information easily.

The benefits of partnering with wawa

Reduced burden

On clinicians who can remain focused on treatment

Increased patient satisfaction

Due to greater patient awareness, involvement and more transparency

Dependable support

From trusted fertility experts and doctors

Building the clinic tool of tomorrow

While we can already do a lot to help patients and clinicians in their daily lives, we want to take things a step further. We are building a solution that will simplify patient onboarding, lower customer service tasks and better enable patient monitoring.

If you would like to know more about this offering please write to us!

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