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The information on this website is designed as general information. wawa fertility has made their best efforts to ensure that the information on the site is complete and correct, but cannot guarantee this and accepts no responsibility for errors, misspellings and omissions.

E-mail messages

Please note that the transmission of emails with sensitive personal data, social security numbers, etc., is at your own risk. You should therefore be aware that wawa fertility does not guarantee the confidentiality of emails.

Newsletter sign-up

When signing up for newsletters sent by wawa fertility, the email address that you provide yourself will be recorded.

The information is used solely to send you the newsletter or newsletters that you have signed up for. Please note that the newsletters may contain marketing material, which you agree to when you sign up for the newsletter.

Information about individual registrations is not disclosed.

Using forms on

Personal data that you provide in connection with the various forms on is processed by wawa fertility in accordance with the applicable legislation on the processing of personal data.


wawa fertility's website uses cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer to remember different things. They contain information about which pages you visit on the Internet and how to navigate those pages.

How wawa fertility uses cookies

wawa fertility uses cookies to collect statistical information to give us an insight into how you and other users navigate on the website and to give us indications as to where we can make the website better and more user-friendly.

Some cookies are used in whole or in part to target wawa fertility's advertising and make the ads each user encounters more relevant. wawa fertility also uses cookies for marketing.

Consent to the use of cookies

The first time you visit the wawa fertility website, you will see an information box about our use of cookies. At the same time, we store a cookie on your computer so that in the future you will not have to view this box again.

You can reject or delete cookies

You can control what types of cookies can be stored on your computer through the settings in the menu of your browser. You can decline the use of cookies and delete cookies that are already stored on your computer. Please note that the functionality of our and others' websites may be compromised if you do not allow cookies.

If you have previously accepted cookies on the wawa fertility website, inactive cookies may continue to be placed, even if you subsequently deselect cookies. If you wish to remove these cookies, you can do so via your browser.

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