Can you improve your fertility and improve chances of pregnancy?

wawa fertility
wawa fertility
How to improve your fertility

Whether you are trying to get pregnant without help, or just want to improve your chances of conception, there are a number of things you can do.

In terms of what you drink or eat a great recommendation is to think: less - but of better quality. But here’s a long list of things you can be mindful of that can have an affect on your fertility:

Stop smoking

Without a doubt the best advice anyone can give you. It has every negative effect on reproduction you can imagine. It reduces your chance of conception but either parent smoking can also affect your unborn and eventually your born child. The recommendation is equally important for both sexes.

And avoid second-hand smoking

Studies have shown that smoking in the household can reduce the chances of conceiving.

Have a healthy and balanced diet

Being overweight has been shown to have a negative impact on fertility.

Women should take folic acid tablets in preparation for – and during early pregnancy

Some women require a higher dose of folic acid e.g. women with a body mass index of...

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