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wawa app is your very own personal assistant guiding you every step of the way on your fertility journey.

Our app is the greatest fertility community. We’re not only providing guidance through the medical aspects, but also helping you strengthen your mental health and get support from other women and couples in treatment who’ve shared their stories with our community.

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Stay calm

67% feel more calm during treatment after they started using wawa app

Be informed

81% feel better informed and prepared after they started using wawa app

Feel the love

4.3 out of 5 is our score on AppStore - that’s how happy our users are with wawa app

Personal assistant

wawa app is your very own personal assistant. You don’t need to keep track of medicine and appointments - the wawa assistant does it for you.

The assistant is personalised specifically for your treatment journey. The more information you provide regarding diagnostics, type of treatment, lifestyle and progress, the more relevant information you’ll receive from the assistant.

This eliminates the difficulties of sorting out useful information and will give you a much better chance at having a better experience in treatment.

Overview of your treatment course

With the wawa app you’re getting a full overview of your treatment course. This means that you always know what’s to come and which phases you’ll be going through.

You own all of your own data and information about treatments no matter what country you’re being treated in. We’re just using the data to optimise your treatment.

Support every step of the way

The wawa app doesn’t only help you when you’re in active treatment. We’re there for you every step of the way - even before diagnostics.

The more we know about you, your diagnosis and your treatment plan, the more personalised we can make your experience with the wawa app.

Strength through community

You’re not alone in this. Our studies show that 83% of women in treatment feel alone and lost in their fertility process. We’ve created a community to help this number go way down.

Our community is first and foremost full of stories from women and couples going through the same thoughts, feelings and situations as you. In the community you’ll also find articles and guides written by fertility experts, and you’re also able to ask questions directly to medical professionals

Participate in research

With wawa, you are able to participate in research and clinical studies that are relevant to your situation, and take part in improving the future of reproductive healthcare.

According to our users, we make a difference

Take a look at what our users say about wawa.
"I’m really happy with the app. I like the good and important articles but especially the overview and knowledge about my treatment is great. It means a lot to me. It helps with everything and it feels like a safe place for me to get knowledge and information. I’m recommending it to all women."
Line B.
"wawa app has been such an important support for me in my treatment. It’s given me an overview of my treatment and made me feel calm. It’s been really nice to read the many articles and choose exactly what’s relevant for me."
Malene W.
“wawa app has given me a huge improvement in terms of overview on my treatment plan, from the early beginning and up until now. It provides me and my boyfriend with an easy way to talk about the things, we have been through and what’s coming next, which ultimately makes me more calm. It's also a great app to gain knowledge when needed and it’s amazing having it all at one place.”
“wawa has been a fantastic support through my IVF journey. It has been easy for us to find the information about infertility, our treatment plan as well as reading about other couples and their experiences. I love the idea about a real fertility community, where I can talk to others, who understand what it means to be in fertility treatment.”
“I'm fairly new in fertility treatment, but early on I got wawa recommended. I was sceptical to begin with because of the many online communities, but quickly I realised that wawa was something special. It's crucial for me to know that it's experts behind the screen so I can trust what I read. Besides that it has been a huge relief to read about other women and their experiences and stories in which I can see myself and understand that I'm not the only one with the frustrations, worries and the mental rollercoaster. This gives me a feeling that I can get through this as well - just like the other women did.”

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