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Find peace and strength in the time after treatment

Fertility treatment takes its toll on your body and mind. And often, the fertility journey isn’t over just because you end up with a positive pregnancy test.

Luckily, we have a lot of content in our community helping you through pregnancy and supporting you after giving birth.
Mental health

The family expert: Pregnancy and fertility treatment - how do you keep calm?

Whether or not you've undergone fertility treatment, it can be hard to feel calm and balanced during pregnancy. All pregnancies are unique, and you will be aware of many first-time experiences and emotions. For those undergoing fertility treatment, it can often feel like there is more at stake. Even after conceiving, the fear of not successfully going to term is a lot to deal with.
Ninna Koefoed
4 min read
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Get support after treatment

Our community is filled with articles guiding and guides on how to handle the time after treatment; how to find calmness and peace in pregnancy, handling the difficult emotions and nurturing your relationship.

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