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Passionate people changing the world of infertility together

We want to improve the way we treat infertility and create a better future for everyone suffering from infertility. But we can’t do it alone. Meet all the people we’re collaborating with here.

‍Our mission is to support, empower and prepare everyone in fertility treatment, so that they’re set up for a successful experience.
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We're working with some of the best clinics in the field.

We are working to change infertility

We believe that there's a lot of room for improvement when it comes to fertility treatment. Fertility treatment should be accessible for more people and we need to improve the treatment itself, ensuring better success rates, less side effects, and less impact on mental health.

We want to close the data gap surrounding fertility treatment in order to create better and more successful courses of treatment for women and couples going through fertility treatment in the future.

How are we doing it?

At wawa fertility we partner with patients and some of the world’s leading researchers to develop breakthroughs in fertility treatment and reproductive health.

With the wawa app, the women using it are able to help create a data foundation for future research in infertility that can help solve the infertility crisis, optimise the process, and ease the consequences of being in treatment.

Who's behind wawa fertility?

The vision for wawa fertility is to create the future of fertility treatments. wawa fertility will break taboos and give women and couples in treatment a community in which they can find support and strengthen themselves - and others - throughout their treatment.
Cecilie Hvidberg Jakobsen
CEO & Co-Founder
I have experienced pregnancy loss myself, which is why I am motivated towards improving the knowledge and conditions for others in the same situation.
Tobias Bo Jensen
Chief of Staff
Working passionately to make wawa known and accessible to as many women in treatment as possible to close the gender data gap in fertility!
Bjarke Vad Andersen
I believe everyone deserves a chance to experience being someone's parent. Being able to use my technical abilities to help people do so gives me a strong sense of purpose.
Michael Møller Hansen
Head of Product
Having a bunch of friends facing the fertility treatment problems, while being a dad myself, I want to enable the option for everyone to become a parent.
Janina Franzkowiak
Product Owner
Coming soon.
Johnni Hested
Android Engineer
Some things in life are more complicated than they should be. For many people, starting a family is one of them. I'm working to help others have the best mobile app experience so they can focus on what really matters.
Nati Lara-Diaz Stampe
iOS Engineer
Parenthood is one of the biggest joys in life and everyone should have the option to experience it. I work on the mobile app and I feel very privileged to be part of this mission.
Jesper Friis Petersen
Head of Medical Affairs & PhD
Infertility is the most prevalent disease for an otherwise healthy and diligent part of our society. I work to try an optimize the chances for these people to accomplish their goals of becoming parents.
Nanna Rahr
Content Manager
Working every day to make sure that the wawa community is always full of relevant articles and guides to support you on every step of your journey in treatment.
Alberte Lynggaard-Poulsen
Partnership Manager
Working close with our users and partners to create the best possible community and support. I know how important support is during treatment, since I'm experiencing secondary infertility and currently in treatment with my husband.
Sehriban Harmankaya
Content Assistant & Medical Writer
The reality is that going through fertility treatment is complicated, so I’m working with my heart to ensure that when going through this journey you feel informed and included in your treatment.

Do you have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

Meet our trusted experts and advisors

We work to ensure that we provide our community with scientific and evidence based information. Therefore, we have selected some of the most talented experts, each with their own area of expertise and interest in fertility and infertility, who advises and strengthens us in our work to create the best possible patient support tool for you in fertility treatment.
Helle Krab Henriksen
Head of Fertility Business Unit Manager, Merck
Merck has been developing products for patients in fertility treatment for the past 60 years. They are behind some of they medicine you will come across in treatment, like Crinone, Gonal-F og Ovitrelle. Merck is represented at wawa fertility by Helle Krab Henriksen and David Mouyal.
David Mouyal
Head of Fertility, Merck
Merck has been developing products for patients in fertility treatment for the past 60 years. They are behind some of they medicine you will come across in treatment, like Crinone, Gonal-F og Ovitrelle. Merck is represented at wawa fertility by Helle Krab Henriksen and David Mouyal.
Tanja Schlaikjær Hartwig
M.D. & Scientist
Tanja is a M.D and Scientist at the gynecological and obstetrical department at Hvidovre Hospital. She is also involved with the COPL Project that studies pregnancy loss.
Lise Holck
Lector in Psycology
Lise is a lector in psycology and cand.pæd.pæd.psyk. She's been through fertility treatment herself and is using her own personal experience in her job with Landsforeningen for Ufrilligt Barnløse, where she's counselling in psycological aspects of fertility treatment.
Marie Louise Wissing
Chief M.D. & PhD, Aleris Hamlet Fertility
Marie Louise is Chief and PhD, and works at Aleris-Hamlet Fertility as a fertility doctor. Besides fertility, she's also been studuing PCOS.
Martin Østergaard
Couples Therapist
Martin is a certified couples therapist from Institut for Kreativ Psykoterapi and a certified family therapist and supervisor from Kempler Instituttet. He's written seveal books about men, women and coexistence.
Ninna Koefoed
Foreningen RO
Ninna is the founder of Foreningen RO that helps and supports women and couples in fertility treatment through conversation and network. Ninna has been through fertility treatment herself and is a family expert at wawa fertility.
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