wawa fertility is going to Slush

We are very happy to announce that wawa fertility has been selected to pitch in the world’s leading startup event Slush’s 100 semi finals.

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Sara-Lisa Schuster-Rossel


30. november - 2021

On 1st December wawa fertility is going on stage at Slush in Helsinki to pitch our mission, the problems that we’re addressing and our solutions to these problems.

In short, our vision is to help people find the families they wish for. We believe that everyone should have the ability to get a family, but unfortunately that is not that easy for everyone today.

Declining sperm rates, decrease in fertility rates and reduced fertility is the most widespread chronic disease for people in the reproductive age today. Therefore, we need to figure out how to help address the inefficiencies so that we can actually help people find the families they wish for.

And that is why we’ve built the wawa fertility app.

The app is a support system for fertility patients, designed as a personal assistant, that works to provide the most comprehensive treatment, including medical and mental health support. Being diagnosed with infertility often comes with unexpected financial burden and a need to better understand treatment options and next steps.

The wawa fertility app will be the patient's assistant and a way for them to make more conscious decisions during treatment. Our aim is to provide healthcare that is personalized to each fertility patient's needs – so that every woman and man will feel seen.

Do you want to read more about the wawa fertility app? Then read more here.

Overall we are looking forward to empowering women and couples in treatment and helping them become agents of their own treatment – and Scandinavia is only the first step.

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Our mission is to help people found the families they wish for – this is how we will make it happen

Everyone has the right to found a family. But it is not that easy for everyone. That is why we built the wawa app as we want to address that problem. In this article we will walk you through our mission.

30. november - 2021

wawa fertility

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