wawa fertility is expanding to Sweden and Norway in early 2022

Since 22th November the wawa fertility app has been live in Denmark, and early next year we will be launching in Sweden and Norway as well. We look forward to providing our Scandinavian neighbours with our help and support through their fertility treatment.

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Sara-Lisa Schuster-Rossel


30. november - 2021

On 22th November we launched wawa fertility app in Denmark after three months of beta-testing with almost 200 danish women in treatment. The results and feedback that we’re getting from the users are good: They appreciate the app and are taking their time to make it their own – by filling in their personal information and results from test scans and using the app’s various features to get on top of their journey.

In the beginning of next year – in January 2022 to be more exact – we will launch in Sweden and Norway as well, which we are very excited about. For the time being we’re working on building our community in the two countries and closing more partnerships with the fertility clinics, so that we ensure to have the best position possible when we’re launching in January.

Do you want to read more about wawa fertility’s app? Then read more here.

Overall we are looking forward to empowering women and couples in treatment and helping them become agents of their own treatment – and Scandinavia is only the first step.

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30. november - 2021

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