The doctor: Can downregulation affect my fertility later in life?

Many women have heard that downregulation is just like going into menopause. But what does this really mean for one’s future fertility? We talk to doctor Marie Louise Wissing about whether there are any long-term symptoms of downregulation.

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Marie Louise Wissing

22. juli - 2022

Interview with Marie Louise Wissing, Aleris-Hamlet Fertility

Would you briefly explain what downregulation is?

Downregulation ensures that you do not ovulate yourself before we take out the eggs, because then your eggs will be wasted. The purpose is also to bring the ovaries into a state that makes hormone stimulation effective and easier to control.

Does the process affect my chances of getting pregnant?

The probability of pregnancy is the same whether you are in short or long protocol. There is no difference.

Can downregulation have any impact on fertility later - given that the body experiences menopause symptoms?

No, not at all. One might think so, because the term ‘artificial menopause’ sounds a bit dangerous. Many patients ask: “Am I going into menopause now?”. But that’s not how it works - and as soon as you stop downregulating you revert to your normal cycle. It is a completely reversible process.

There is nothing to fear. As soon as you are no longer in downregulation, the effect is revoked and does not affect anything later.

If I experience strong symptoms from my downregulation, can I avoid it in future treatments?

You should always talk to your doctor about this. Then together you make a plan based on your options.

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