Our mission is to help people found the families they wish for – this is how we will make it happen

Everyone has the right to find a family. But it is not that easy for everyone. That is why we built the wawa app as we want to address that problem. In this article we will walk you through our mission.

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30. november - 2021

The fertility sector is a huge market, and it is only getting bigger. If you look at demographic data, declining sperm rates, decrease in fertility rates and reduced fertility now being the most widespread chronic disease for people in the reproductive age, then it is clear that this is only going to continue to be a challenge. Therefore, we need to figure out how to help address the inefficiencies so that we can actually help people found the families they wish for.
While it’s biology that sets the rules, the use of technology and data analytics to solve problems present new opportunities for success in fertility healthcare. Also consumer demand for control over personal well-being increases. Especially among women where 75% are using an app to track their health today.

The personal fertility assistant

At wawa fertility, we want the convenience, ease of use, and personalization that the patients recognize from the rest of their digital life to be present in fertility healthcare too - and to improve fertility healthcare and treatment overall.
he personal fertility assistant

That is why we built the wawa app. In short, wawa app is an intelligent personal assistant that works to secure the most comprehensive treatment, including medical and mental health support and to help the patient to stay on track of their treatment.
We designed our app as an assistant, due to the fact that having supportive relationships is a strong predictor of well-being and increased quality of life. The effects of this impact are not just emotional; individuals with a strong support system also enjoy better health outcomes and reduced disease burden.

wawa fertility app will provide 24/7 fertility advice and ask questions when patients do not understand protocols and explain to them what will happen and what to consider. We will present both personal and individual treatment information to them and help to improve their well-being throughout the treatment.

Improving fertility treatment together - with the help of data and analytics

As in many other areas of healthcare, the fertility sector has struggled to gather and structure data available across patients and clinics. However, data is the key to improve the challenges with fertility now and in the future.

By assembling data in fertility healthcare we could:

  • Produce personalised and predictive insights across treatments, develop more precise treatment protocols and improve success rates.
  • Give knowledge to pharma R&D and thereby the development of better fertility treatment drugs.
  • Build software designed to look at millions of prior fertility treatment cycles and identify important patterns and utilize this historical knowledge to optimize the fertility treatments and make it as successful as possible.
  • Develop an artificial intelligence tool to assist physicians in increasing a patient's chances of pregnancy success.

That is what we are working for at wawa fertility. We are not doing it alone, we are doing it together with all the women and couples in fertility treatment who are using the wawa app and donating their anonymous and aggregated data to fight the fertility challenge.

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Fertility healthcare is still lacking good user experiences and remains behind other industries when it comes to digital user experience. At wawa fertility we are working to address these issues and create a better experience and thereby better treatment for women and couples in treatment.

28. december - 2021

wawa fertility

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