How can you improve your own chances of pregnancy?

Whether you are trying to get pregnant without help, or just want to improve your chances of conception, there are a number of things you can do.

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Jesper Friis Petersen

02. november - 2022

In terms of what you drink or eat a great recommendation is to think: less - but of better quality. But here’s a long list of things you can be mindful of that can have an affect on your fertility:

Stop smoking

Without a doubt the best advice anyone can give you. It has every negative effect on reproduction you can imagine. It reduces your chance of conception but either parent smoking can also affect your unborn and eventually your born child. The recommendation is equally important for both sexes.

And avoid second-hand smoking

Studies have shown that smoking in the household can reduce the chances of conceiving

Have a healthy and balanced diet

Being overweight has been shown to have a negative impact on fertility.

Women should take folic acid tablets in preparation for - and during early pregnancy

Some women require a higher dose of folic acid e.g. women with a body mass index of 30 or above, epilepsia, diabetes or malabsorptive conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease

Avoid too much alcohol

Especially binge drinking (>4 units on one occasion). Drink around 4-5 units a week the most.

Avoid too much caffeine

Recommendations vary, but anywhere between 1 and 4 coffees a day is usually acceptable. Tea also contains caffeine, but much less than coffee. Reduce the number of caffeine-containing soft drinks such as energy-drinks.

Don’t do any sorts of harmful substances

Hash, cocaine, anabolic steroids. Men should avoid taking protein supplements for training purposes as they can contain unwanted estrogens.

Avoid warm exposure to the genitals

The science is till not complete, but men may improve sperm quality by avoiding warm exposure to the genitals for longer periods of time, e.g.:

  • Sitting with a warm laptop
  • Going to the sauna
  • Wearing too tight pants
  • Longer bike rides

Keep active during the day

The best type of exercise is the one you get done, so trying to integrate it in your daily activities while dedicated time for training is an obvious positive extension. Stand at your desk, if possible and walk or bike to work.

Ovulation tracking

Keep track of what date you might ovulate and try to time the intercourse around this time. The frequency of intercourse is recommended for at least twice per week - in that way you'll very likely have intercourse during the fertile period.

Avoid the use of some vaginal lubricants

Some vaginal lubricants are toxic to sperm and will reduce your chances of conception.

Obviously many people will fulfil all of the above and still have difficulty getting pregnant. If you have been trying for a pregnancy and not succeeding, then this is the stage when you should seek further help and advice.

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