Our goal is to make the toughest journey of all just a little easier

wawa app is an assistant that guides you through your fertility treatment.
We help you with preparing you as best you can for your treatment via a treatment overview, information from your clinic and much more.
Our app also contains all our articles that will prepare and inform you in every step.

What do we want to solve?

As a fertility patient, there are many things to deal with and you are not always at your affiliated clinic. You have to remember to take your medicine in the right doses and at the right time, you need to have a full overview of your treatment and to share it with your partner and relatives. When you have an appointment with the doctor, you may not be able to remember everything that has happened since the last time, whether your medicine has always been taken on time and how you have been. All the while being in an emotional situation.

wawa wants to make all this more manageable. At the same time, we hope to be able to give the clinic and the therapist some information they would not otherwise have in a treatment process.

What are we creating with wawa?

We want to create more knowledge and data about infertility for research. With wawa app, you can help create a data for future research into infertility and fertility treatment, which can help reduce the disease, streamline the process and reduce the consequences of undergoing treatment.

We are not building wawa fertility alone

Our Scientific Advisory Board

Ensuring that we create the best support app for your treatment

At wawa fertility, we work ambitiously to change the conditions of fertility treatment and infertility. We have therefore established a scientific advisory board, which advises and strengthens us in our work to create the best possible patient support tool for you in fertility treatment. They help us with knowledge and professional sparring, so we can ensure that the wawa fertility app and its content reflect the reality you are facing during treatment - both now and in the future.

Do you want to know more?

Our experts

Knowledge directly from fertility experters

At wawa fertility, we have selected some of the most talented writers, each with their own area of expertise and interest in fertility and infertility.

Get to know team wawa

Our mission is to help everyone to get a chance to start a family. Every single one of us are passionated about our mission - and some of us has experienced infertility issues ourselves.

wawa fertility

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